MO Healthy Children and Youth Program

The HCY Program provides service coordination and authorization for medically necessary services for Missouri HealthNet recipients with special health care needs from birth to age 21. 

Service coordination includes assessment through Home Visits and links to service and resources that enable individuals to remain safely in their homes with their families.

Authorized services may include In-Home personal care, In-Home nursing care, and Skilled-Nursing visits.  

Types of Services Provided Under This Program

Meal Preparation and Clean-up

(including special diet restrictions)

Make Beds and Change Sheets

(with the child in or out of the bed, as required)

Brush, Comb and Shampoo Hair 

Bathing, Bed Baths, Tub Baths, or Others

Brush Teeth

Assist with Feeding

Household Tasks Directly Relating to the Child's Need

Application of NON-PRESCRIPTION Topical Ointment/ Lotions to Skin

Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication

(open bottles, get water)

Laundry Related to Child's Needs

(bed linens, child's clothing)

Assist with Transfers When Child is Weight Bearing

Instruct Child and Family in Ways to Become Self-Sufficient in Personal Care 


Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair